18 August 2014

Out of Habit...

I have developed a bad habit for one who blogs...

...whom blogs...?

Either which way...I need to get back in the groove.

I aim to get better...coming up with topics stalls me...what is appropriate...what is not...

Just need to start rambling again...

15 August 2014

Flashback Friday

July 2007


("I'm a star!")

08 August 2014

Flashback Friday

July 2007

Kim, Jayc, & Britt

06 August 2014

Cupcake Tasting Committee...Minus One

Tonight, we had a meeting (the first) of the Cupcake Tasting Committee.

Minus Kim.

Cuz she's at work.

We had a lot of cupcakes.  And some of us wanted to taste more than one...so we cut them into quarters and got ourselves ready for a cupcake tasting.

When I finished passing out the last cupcake...I looked at the plates and wondered what had happened to mine...

Emmitt had a lovely circle thing going on...

Jaycey had hers lined up...

Ms. Britt arranged hers to make two cupcakes out of 8 cupcake quarters...

And mine...well...it was all over the place... 

We had: Salted Caramel...Red Velvet...Samoa...Peanut Butter Cup...Fairy-Fetti...Cherry Coke...S'Mores...Orange Creamsicle...

Comments overheard by yours truly:

- "I don't really like cupcakes..."

- "This tastes like a stale chocolate cupcake..."
"I think they're just dense..."
(this was about a cupcake that was about a week old, so it's not the bakery's fault)

- "Ah...man...I'm gonna throw up..."

- "What do you think?"
"I want to get this s&%# over with."
"To be fair, he's eating 1/2 of a cupcake each time..."
(because someone was just taking a small bite of each kind and then passing the rest of hers on to her boyfriend to finish...)

The end results.

Brittany ate about 1/3 of a cupcake.  She said she didn't like any of them...because she doesn't like cupcakes...but she did taste each of them.  She did remember that she liked the orange cupcake, not the frosting ... she didn't try that part, she has a texture thing.

Emmitt ate about 5 cupcakes.  He said it felt like 12.  His favorite was the Samoa cupcake.  He then said, "What other flavors did we have?"  Which was funny... He did not care for the fairy one...

Jaycey ate maybe 1/2 of a cupcake total.  She was expecting the S'Mores to be her favorite, and she did like the marshmallow frosting, but the Cherry Coke cupcake ended up being her favorite.  I mean...she went to battle for that thing.  Because I didn't taste any cola.  And she kept trying to convince me of the cola essence...

I ate about 1 1/2 cupcakes.  I liked that marshmallow and chocolate topping of the S'Mores cupcake, but my favorite in the whole tasting were the cherry cupcake and the orange cupcake.  Those things were good. 

Quick post about our time around the table tonight.  Ending with a sure knowledge that we don't need to eat a lot of cupcakes and frosting at one time.  Or heads don't feel so good...tummies aren't terribly happy...

But it was fun.

Thanks Kim!

05 August 2014

Happy Birthday to Me!

My niece and her two boys...aren't they cute?

Happy Birthday to me!!!

And...for an awesome thing that happened today...

This lovely lady named Becky Cooper is an artist.  She's been doing a drawing challenge, there is a different topic each day and quite often, she'll ask for suggestions...today, it was Day 31, The Bride...so I went for it and put a picture of my parent's reception line in her comment section...and she drew my mom!

You can go to her blog and see it:  

01 August 2014

Flashback Friday

June 2008


(i interrupted a game of pool..she was gracious and gave me a smile...)

30 July 2014


After signing all papers...about to enter the chapel....

Cecily: Have you heard laughter in this building today?

Mortuary Receptionist: Yes.

Cecily: Eavesdropper.