03 September 2015

Robert Introduced Us

Ready for a journey?

About how I came to fall in love with Josh Groban's voice?

Here you go...

I am a fan of Robert Downey Jr.

Like...huge fan...

Back in the day, he'd act, make something for me to watch...then get himself arrested and get jail time and not make something for me to watch...


Then he'd get cleaned up. Make something for me to watch. Get arrested. Jail time. Rehab. Clean. Act. Rinse and Repeat.

Okay...I don't know how many repeats, but...I was rooting for this guy to stay clean and out of trouble!

I mean...life is better outside of jail (or so I've heard... *knock on wood*)...

Anyway. Back in the day, Ally McBeal was a big tv hit.

That's what I heard. I didn't watch it. Wasn't interested.

Until, I heard that Robert Downey Jr. was going to be on it...

And then, I couldn't set my VCR to record quick enough (like i said...back in the day...)
And I became an Ally McBeal watcher...because of Mr. Downey.

And it was terrific.

I mean...seriously...he's amazing... And his character Larry was amazing.

He even sang! 
if you're interested:

Yes. I bought the cd.

(my only complaint with him is that when he slow dances...well...he moves like he has a stick up his butt...awkward...but other than that...if he's acting in it, i'm most likely going to watch)

And then.

He got arrested again. And jail time. And a talking to from the judge.

And no more "Larry" on Ally McBeal.

Which was horrible! Because he'd gotten Ally to believe and trust and love...and his absence was sudden and jarring! Ug...

But, by this time, I had been watching and liked characters, etc. And I was sad along with Ally.

Then...came an episode where Ally was representing (she's a lawyer) this high school dweeb who had asked a girl to prom. She had said yes. Then she said no. He was upset and sued her...to force her to honor her original yes... He lost.

(i think those are the details...this show had an impact on me...you'll see...) Blah, blah, blah...Ally and fellow attorneys go to the prom with the dweeb... He had signed up to sing a song...he got nervous...Ally urged him up...they all hoped that he could sing because, I mean, he was a dweeb.

And then, that tall gawky dude opened his mouth.

I was sitting on the floor, my back against the black couch. The girls were in bed. And this most amazing voice came through the tv and swam all around me.

And I think that all across tv land, there were millions of us in a musical trance...


Click on that link...go ahead...click it...turn up your speakers...he takes stage at the 2:00 mark...

So I was sitting there. A new musical genius had, without warning, been thrust into my life. And Ally and I missed Larry/Robert Downey Jr.

It was one of those moments where a song depletes you.

And it was late...so I couldn't go to the store...

The next day, I tried to find his cd.


I had to wait.

And as soon as it was released, that cd was mine.

And that is how Robert Downey Jr. introduced me to Josh Groban.

02 September 2015

I Needed That

I've been meaning to blog more...


There was a great talk given on Sunday. I'm new here, so I'm watching people...figuring out who is who...etc. This particular man in the branch presidency was talking...he was talking about, "Why is it so hard sometimes?"

He said that as a Mormon culture, we're not secretive...but we have a culture to be private.

And we might want to stop that.

Because everyone has difficulties.

And life is difficult.

And why are things one way for some and another way for others.

And why does it seem to be easier for some?

And what is with life's twists and turns?

And when we're wondering about why it's so difficult in life, later on, we can look back and see some of the reasoning and gifts we got from the struggles.

Then he shared some of his thoughts/feelings/experiences...it was great.

Which brings me to meaning to blog more...

Because I have been struggling.

I am well aware of it. I'm trying to be more proactive on a few fronts... I'm working on taking better care of myself... I'm working on doing less of the "shoulds" and "oughts" and "have tos" that make me miserable and hurt...especially in the instances where no one else seems to be terribly concerned with my well-being... I'm trying. Those first times saying, "No. More." are difficult and draining, but liberating and less stressful.

And I appreciate so much the people that support me.

And I appreciate so much the people who are good examples to me.

And I appreciate so much the people who know, listen, advise, and then cheer me on when I make baby steps.

So. I am aware. I am working on it. And I need to blog anyway.

Last night was balm to my soul.

It wasn't raining...so I asked Doug if he wanted go to the water.

He mostly didn't, he was tired...but he was aware of the non-raining status so he said yes.

I put on shoes and socks (that's how much i love going to the water...i'll wear shoes and socks), grabbed my jacket and off we went.

We meandered through town...talked about what we'd seen that day...the plus tide from earlier...things we're learning (like, the eagles are busy with their babies...we haven't seen them for a few weeks, it is ODD!!! and i miss them terribly)... Found a great spot to park our hineys and it was just good spending time with him.

Then some more meandering through town and we went to this house we keep looking at...trying to figure out how to make it ours (they want WAY too much for it)... No one is there, and we've been by enough that I wasn't scaredy cat and I led the way to one of the back decks and we hung out there. Looking at the view...talking about what he'd (i could pretend and say 'we', but...we all know it'd be him doing it, so...give credit where credit is due...) do to the "backyard"...

Taking some shortcuts home, we ran into a man that I enjoy seeing around town. He always salutes or directs me as I drive past. He stopped at the top of this path we were taking, which was kind of creepy in the dark...that's what horror movies are made of...just seeing a tall man's silhouette standing at the top of a tree lined path you're on? (he's not creepy...the situation was...)

I said, "Hi!" when I got to the top, he said hi back...then looked at me and asked how I was and it's been years since he saw me! I smiled...asked him how he was... He and Doug exchanged pleasantries...brief work and weather comments...

As we walked on, I grinned at Doug...told him I "forgot" that we'd made friends back in 2006...

AND...I don't think I got a single bug bite!

That's a miracle...they usually eat me up.

Anyway. It was a great night.

I needed it.

Great night last night...got quite a few things crossed off my "To-Do" list yesterday...

I can take a few more of those kind of days...so far this morning brings good news and quite possibly the best picture texted ever, so...here's hoping...

01 September 2015

Little Ones

I'm the Primary Secretary in our branch...

And since we're limited in numbers, I teach also.

I have the 4-8 year olds...

This past Sunday, I also did sharing/singing time...without knowing I was going to...so we played 'Name that Tune'...I think it went fairly well for not having a clue...it's been a few decades since I was a Primary chorister...


Class time.

We're short people right now.

The president asked if I minded taking the older kids also while she took the Sunbeams.

So I had 14 kids.

From 4 to 11.


I immediately adjusted my expectations as to how class would go.

If I could get the main topic through to them, I would consider it a success.

When it came time for the paper part of my lesson...I told them that I had printed extras for my class, but still only had 12 papers...not 14...and opened it for discussion...

One of the littlest ones asked what I was talking about...I again explained that while I printed extra for our class, I didn't know I'd have both classes so I was short 2 papers...

Again, the question was: what?

I simplified again... I don't have enough papers for everyone.

Her response, in a most kind voice, "Oh...is it because you're poor?"


As I'm telling her that I'm not poor...and starting to tell her again that I didn't know...a slightly bigger girl elbowed her and told her to hush...that IF I am poor, it's not nice to talk about it...

So the little one looks at me and says, with a most concerned face, "Do you not have enough paper because you're poor?"

The slightly bigger girl once again started to reprimand her and the little one turned to her and whispered, "What?!? If she doesn't have money, she doesn't have money for paper..."

I tried so hard to not laugh...and assured her that I'm not poor, that I do have enough paper I just didn't print 14 because I didn't know I'd have 14, if I had known, I would have printed 14.

She looked at me like I was in denial about my lack of paper and money.

I again told her I have lots of paper.

She might or might not believe me.

Two weeks ago, a new little guy in our class was giving good answers. Not the normal "church answers", but answers that showed he was thinking on his own... I love those answers and told him, "Good thinking!"  This same little one, sitting there all reverent with her legs crossed, "whispers" to the girl sitting next to her, "Great...guess we know who the new smartest kid in the class is..."


I really like this kid. She is adorable. Looks like the sweetest little thing, is always wanting to help...and the things that come out of her mouth amuse me to no end.

31 August 2015

Happy Birthday Jaycey!

Oh my word.

My baby is 23...time goes too fast...

She loves Christmas every single day of the year...and she has ever since she understood what Christmas was...

She loves her momma...enough to cow kiss me in front of everyone as I gave her her diploma...

She loves her cousins...and her cousins kids... Okay, she love all babies. Seriously. I think my parents' love for babies got magnified in her genes...

She's opinionated and not afraid to follow through on what she believes. She'll respect your right to have your own beliefs, but don't stomp on hers...

And she fiercely loves her sisters. Don't mess with her sisters...you'll never get on her good side again. (re: above opinionated...)

I love how she loves. I love her devotion to family. I love her spirit. When she was just hours old, Tamra was holding her and said, "She's going to be a popular kid."

True words. In the best of ways.

Happy Birthday Jaycey...thanks for being determined to come be my daughter.

29 August 2015


I love this show:

I have a problem though...

It's a 1/2 hour show.

It takes me a lot longer than that to watch it.

And I fast forward through commercials.

It takes me longer because I rewind a lot.

I rewatch funny moments...

I rewatch sibling rivalry...

I rewatch moments with their mom...

I pause...

I miss my siblings...

And I want to hang out with Alma...

28 August 2015

Flashback Friday

26 years ago, I was blissfully getting to know my hours old baby girl...

I'm still getting to know different things about her...

She was amazing then, she is amazing now...

And I am still blissfully happy that I am her mom...

Happy Birthday Brittany!

Love you!!!
(and minnie too...)

21 August 2015

Can't Touch That!

Oh my...I have not been blogging.

So, we'll work on doing better.

By "we", I mean "me".

Kim and Eddie are our first visitors!

Last night, we were making our way to a spot on a river where a bear was very curious about Doug a little while back when he was fishing...we were seeing if the bear would magically pop out of the bushes so Kim and Eddie could see a bear close up...it's okay, we were armed...

On the way, my arm starts hurting...after a bit, I say, "My arm hurts..." Doug said his elbow is bugging him, he thinks we touched some stinking nettle. I said that's here? He said yes, we just passed through some...

My arm keeps bugging me...

He shows me his elbow and asks if I have bumps like him...

I DO!!!

There are bumps!

I went 45 years without knowing what stinging nettle will actually do to me.

I now want to go another 45 without experiencing this again.

It could have been worse, I'm aware of that...but it was also the part of my arm where I have the most calcium deposits...the part of my arm that already gets bothered if it's touched. And here I have this crap happening, and I swear I had little electrical zaps going on...I did not care for it.

Kim poured water on me...hand sanitizer...

Before I went to bed, put hydrocortisone and tea tree oil on it...

Doug and I notice that it stopped bothering us sometime during the night...and then, about an hour ago, I wasn't thinking and I scratched it...

Dang it!

That hurts!

Get that benadryl gel on it!

I'm going to be more careful when I'm making my way through foliage.