23 November 2015

I'm in the Workforce

The past three weeks have been hard on my brain.

Because I was training for my new job. And I was having to learn a lot. And I *ahem* have this thing where I want to hit the ground running from moment one and have everything down.

And that's not happening.

Training was full time. Today was my first day with my part time hours.

It was odd to not be there first thing in the morning...

It was odd to leave while others were still working, but it was nice to go home before dark.

So how is it going?

That is what I keep telling myself...that in a month, I'll be smoother... In a month, I won't be asking so many questions... That even though I highly doubted it, I actually did learn things the past few weeks.

Today, I wasn't as scared as I was on Friday...when my boss yanked off my training wheels and said go for it! And while I felt like he yanked those things off...I know that he was right there and so were my co-workers...they are all terrific people that I enjoy being around... So I figure the scared level will keep tapering off. I'm just practicing breathing and taking pressure off myself and know that time will pass and it'll all be good. And trusting that I haven't forgotten as much as I think I have...

On Friday, I checked our account and...TA-DA! I had a paycheck! During all my self-imposed stress, I had forgotten they were going to pay me!

I realized that I've been doing volunteer stuff for a long time, so..the concept of getting paid for time away from home got pushed to the side.

This will be good for me.

As long as my time with my daughters doesn't create an issue.

A re-welcome to the workforce to me!

20 November 2015

Flashback Friday

June 2011

Aidan & Jakob

13 November 2015

Flashback Friday

December 2009

Will & Chloe

10 November 2015

26 Things...

My sister tagged me in this on Facebook, and I was just about to do it and I thought, "Wait! You need to blog more! Don't give it away on FB! Blog it!"

So here we are.

I'll not be tagging anyone, but if you want to play, go for it. It's fun to read people's responses...

Twenty-six things about me...

A - Age: 45 
(today, the 401k guy didn't believe me, it was genuine, not the cheesy-trying-to-compliment crap that people pull...it was nice)
B - Biggest fear: Failure
C - Current time: 10:15pm
D - Drink you last had: Don't know what you drank, but I had milk
E - Every day starts with: Wanting to sleep just a little longer...
F - Favorite song: (impossible, but we'll go with...) Under Pressure
G - Ghosts, are they real: In the spirit sense? Sure.
H - Hometown: Rupert
I - In love with: Douglas
J - Jealous of: Maria
K - Killed someone: No
L - Last time you cried: When did YOU cry? I cried just a bit ago...stinkin' Troy Dunn!
M - Middle name: Marie
N - Number of siblings: 9
O - One Wish: Don't know, I've had to let go of my one wish
P - Person you last called: You don't need to tell me who YOU called, that's personal...I called Doug
Q - Question you're always asked: Don't know...I'm asked "How's it going?"
R - Reason to smile: My daughters
S - Song last sang: I've Gotta Feeling...
T - Time you woke up: ??? I do not know your alarm...Doug's wakes me at 6:30...
U - Underwear color: Nunya
V - Vacation destination: Put me on a cruise ship, I'm good.
W - Worst habit: Procrastination
X - X-Rays you've had: I don't know what x-rays YOU'VE had...I've had spinal and dental x-rays.
Y: Your favorite food: Again, I don't know YOUR favorite...mine is great bread
Z - Zodiac sign: Leo 

09 November 2015

A New Title

Yesterday was a day for the books.

I am now a grandma.

And she is gorgeous and brilliant and perfectly perfect.

Here, Grandmom is wrapping her in a blanket made by Grandma (me)...

Welcome to earth Miss Madison...you will never be short on love...

07 November 2015

Gotta Laugh...

With all the back and forth...side to side...in and out...all around...

I get it.

I see the different points of view.

No need to comment with wisdom, stances, etc... I want no more tears. I need a break.

So...I share my cousin's post, because it made me laugh...and I need to laugh. Bless his heart. He's going to go watch Dan sing....in Utah... God has a sense of humor.

06 November 2015

I'm Her Momma...

No Flashback Friday today.

I woke up this morning, my head and heart still spinning. Tears still flowing.

There are so many things I do not know, but I know this:

Daughter of Mine...I vow to you that I will never support anyone disavowing you for something that is nobody's business but you, your partner's, and God. You are a wonderful person, and I refuse to believe that God views you as an apostate. He loves you. I love you. Always, Jo Muddah.