21 April 2014


Today, my mom would have been 75.

This is the 17th time we've observed her birthday without her.

It is still surreal.

A testament to the energy she had that it's still difficult for my brain to wrap itself around the concept that she is gone.

But then, perhaps that is because while my brain still has yet to accept it 100%...my spirit gently reminds me that she is not gone from me, it was just her earthly body that ended it's journey.  She existed before.  She exists now.  And someday, she will be front and center to hug me once again.  And if I play my cards right, if I live how she'd have me live, then I will never have to say goodbye again.

Just follow her example.

Phew!  That's a big one.

She wasn't perfect.  But, as I firmly believe, God only expects our best.  And our best can, and does, differ from day to day.  From moment to moment.  And, I also firmly believe, that mom of mine?  She did her best.  All the time.


Just over a week ago, my brother gave me a gift.  I don't think he knew that's what he was doing.  I had asked him about MoTab's concert tour next year, since he's coming back my way...and I'm just beyond thrilled for him..  CARNEGIE FRICKIN' HALL!!!  *breathe*  Anyway...he posted:

So, I smiled.

And a few moments later, I cried.

Because for all my failings, and for all my floundering, I have to be doing a few things right.


Today, I posted this picture...zoomed in from a family picture taken just a few days before mom was killed:

Catherine: This woman ♥ You just couldn't help but be happy around her.
Dan: Her infectious joy still burbles through the Taylor clan!  Happy Birthday, Mom!
Jamie: She is always everywhere. ... Love you Aunt Jan! ♥
Sheryl: Connie, you look like your mom and radiate the same joy.
Terry: This is such a great picture of her.  Exactly how I remember her...always had a great smile.
Kaye: This is how I picture her still.  Always smiling!

Dan shared the picture and wrote: Many of you never knew my mom, but those of you who did will remember her just like this.  Today, at 75, I'm sure she'd still be laughing, jumping on trampolines, and sticking her tongue out while playing the hard parts of Maleguena!  Miss you, Mom!  Looking forward to a great reunion!
Me: So grateful for the pieces of herself that she left behind for us...one being you!  Love you.
Tamra: And backward somersaults ha ha
Mary: Yep.  That is EXACTLY how I remember her!

Comments from some sisters posts:
Debbie: Your mom was such a cute sweet lady.  She had such a contagious laugh & always a big smile on her face.
Paula: Beautiful!!
Janell: Happy Birthday to Mom Taylor!! ☺ such a special woman!!


Happy 75th Birthday Mom... 
Missing you is just another layer of skin I wear...

20 April 2014


Happy Easter...may we be more grateful for Him...

19 April 2014

Daffodil Humor

Ever been entertained by a daffodil?

Ever find a daffodil funny?

A lovely lady out here instagrammed a picture...her comments and the picture made me laugh...

And then, later, when I saw it again on facebook, I laughed again...I very much enjoy this picture and I very much enjoy her humor...

Thanks for letting me snitch Becky!

"I think this is funny.  There appears to be a rebel flower that wants to ditch his buddies or he's the lookout?"

18 April 2014

Flashback Friday

June 2011

Kimberly, Brittany, Jaycey, & Me

(we were getting ready for dinner on our cruise...and i decided today, we need to plan our next one...although, methinks i won't get away with a 'just us girls' cruise for some time...and that's okay...)

17 April 2014

Happy Caleb!

so...i seriously have some adorable little people in my family...

want proof?

here's my little great-nephew...with an easter treat from his grandpa & grandma t....

True Dat

i was sitting here, thinking...do i know where my book light is?

doug came walking through the room...

i said, "do you ..."

he interrupted me with: "no."

(it was a 'no' with a definite period at the end)

i was quiet for a beat...did not finish my question...and then said, "you're probably right."

i like the little funny moments...

16 April 2014

Then There's This...

So I'm already in a tender spot...

And I take a break from stuff and do a facebook run through...and this video has been posted all over so I decided to watch it...and...cue the tears...

Because I miss my girls.

Because I miss my mom.

Grateful for my mom...grateful for those who made me a mom...