18 February 2014

#1 Phone Rule

those who know me...like, that whole inner circle thing...i'll give you a fill-in-the-blank quiz...

the #1 phone rule with connie is _________________.

i guarantee that some reading this got the correct answer.

do not hang up on me.

well, correction...you can hang up on me all you want, but...i borrowed this one from my baby brother...if you hang up on me, you're saying you don't want to talk on the phone with me, so...i'll not be talking to you on the phone.  i will abide by your desire.

be upset all you want.  but use your manners and say, "i'm going to go now."

so...here i sit.  wondering what in the world i did.  see, i normally know what i did in a phone call to tick someone off...but this one?  i haven't a clue.

i did say that i didn't call to hear cussing.

i did ask why i don't count.

that one, i still don't understand...why don't i count?  i'm a person...my mouth was talking...why don't i count?

and now, since there was the hang up...i have no idea if i am now one of the evil people.

let that be a lesson to you.

do not be concerned.  do not state you don't want cussing.  do not ask why you don't count.

don't do it folks.  it might seem like a good idea at the time, but...i'm just letting you know otherwise....

and...no need to comment.  i'm not exaggerating...didn't change the facts...

p.s.  even though she might not think i count...i still think i count...


Tamra said...

You count BUNCHES and BUNCHES!!!


Sure love you!

Jaycey Elizabeth said...

You count with everyone in my home!