16 February 2014


Around here, we live it up on Valentine's Day.



I want flowers.  I want to be asked to be his Valentine.

Done and done.  With a card and some favorite candy to boot.

Now...if I could just get my rear in gear and get my daughters their cookies...


We went out earlier in the week for our V-Day dinner.  And since we were already planning on doing that, when the missionaries mentioned that they didn't have anyone signed up for dinner that Friday...and since one of them said, "Can we come over?"  I said, "You betcha."  And then one of the Elders said, "Will you teach me how to make cakepops?"  And I said, "You betcha!"

Okay.  I probably didn't say, "You betcha...", but, I agreed.  He said his favorite cake flavor is lemon so I made a lemon cake and ordered pizza.

They ate the pizza...then...I showed them the process...we mixed the cake and frosting...I rolled two cake pop balls and then they got going...and I stepped back.  Because I told them that every bump will show...and they didn't care.  And I told them that a fist sized cake pop ball would not work on a stick...and so they made a snowman...

And I told them...my girls will not believe it...cuz I wasn't freaking out at the imperfectness of the project.  I was teaching them the basics and they can master it on their own...

Like...when I say don't put them too close together in the styrofoam blocks and they're having too much fun and end up with kissing cake pops?  Oh well...it's their night...

Or when they're eating them before the candy melts dry and they get candy melts on their face...and then say, hey, take this picture and text it to my mom...okay boys...it's your night...they're your cake pops (they took them home with them, i don't care for cake pops...some will be mailed to their families...)

Which led to more "take this and text it to my mom!" moments...

And...two of them decided to drink an egg...



And there were some lemon juice shots drunk by some of them...and some goofy faces after they drank that good amount of lemon juice real fast.  They almost did teriyaki and soy sauce shots also...

(girls...they were IN MY FRIDGE!!!)

There was a "Who can eat the cutie orange the fastest?"  I did not win.  But one elder was very patient while I, and another elder, picked off all the stringy things...I'll do the contest, but I'm not eating that white stuff...I was happy to have a fellow picky orange eater at the table...

I showed them parts of 'Music and the Spoken Word' so they could see Dan...and they have a good eye!  I showed him once and they picked him out the next time!  Since three of them are from Utah, maybe they'll go see him sing in person when they go home...

They asked if we like board games.  I said, we have too many board games.  So...they asked to come compete and they'll be coming over tomorrow during their weekly "off time" and we're playing board games and nertz!  Doug isn't so happy about the nertz part...but I am thrilled!  Don't know what they'll pick, but they get to go into the basement tomorrow, cuz I'm not hauling all of the games upstairs.

(our basement isn't a pretty finished basement...and what i assume is a cold storage room is just plain ol' scary...an empty blank cement room...it ought not be scary but...i'm telling you, if i were a kid here, i'd have a love/hate relationship with that room...i'm assuming there will be some comments made...)

There will be some major competing going on here...we will all be fighting to win.  Whatever games we play.  As Doug says, "2nd place is last loser."

Anyway.  They left us with another challenge.  Doug and I hate their challenges.  I mean, we hate them.  I even told them that we took time off from feeding the missionaries for a few months because their challenges were getting more and more uncomfortable for us...they think I was kidding.  I was not.

They're good guys.  I will miss them when they go.  It's sad that they're younger than my daughters...because I usually want half of them to become family...and I get thinking, "What niece can I match them up with...?"

Back to the challenge...I'm going to tell them we don't get another one tomorrow, they have to give me time to do the one they gave me on Friday.  They saw me at the baptism on Saturday...they saw me at church today...I need more time to get it done.  We'll see if it works.

Sidenote:  they ask Doug to go on "splits" with them.  He always says no, that he needs more notice.  I tell him it's bad karma to tell the missionaries no...he says too bad.  So, a few weeks ago, the quiet elder asks, "How much notice do you need?"  Doug said, "At least a month."  I'm all: DOUG!  They laugh.  He says he's serious.  While this is going on, the quiet elder is pulling out his pocket calendar and making a note...in a month...and Doug is all...Wait!  The quiet elder smiles.  It's in his book.

So I tell them of our family Christmas 2017 Monopoly date....Doug wishes we would all forget about that...

On Friday, another elder brings up that he's excited for a few more weeks.  Doug says why.  He says because of splits with you!  Doug's all...naaaahhh...  Nope.  It's in the books.  And if they get transferred, they say they'll tell the new elders.

Poor Doug.


FYI:  Valentine's night is a fun night to have the missionaries over.

Anyway.  If you've made it this far into my rambling post, I will now reward you with a most adorable picture of one of my little great-nephews...I mean...serious...how can you NOT adore this little face?

Happy Belated Valentines Day!


Jaycey Elizabeth said...

I think the kissing cake pops are very Valentine's appropriate.

I need to teach Emmitt how to play Nertz.

You need to play the game Hanabi. It was voted at best game of the year last year.

Tamra said...

Lol,that was a great post to read, and I love the valentine! :)